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Hello Friends, Family and welcome guests! Thank you for visiting myhandsful. These pages will tell the story of our family of five, four of whom have Type 1 Diabetes. When people first meet me they often say, "Wow! You really have your hands full don't you?" and it's true. Home schooling my 3 children age 12 and under and managing their Diabetes each day keeps me hoppin!

Origin of myhandsful

I was driving down the road one day and I saw a liscense plate on a black, souped up "bad boy" sports car. It said, simply "handful". That is, the hand was there as a picture, and the letters F-U-L were spelled out. I thought about how people always said that to me and when we registered our next car, an Isuzu Rodeo, I got the plates rodeo handful. At the time there were only four of us, but when our daughter was born I said, "now we really are a "handful!"  I followed this train of thought with "our Rodeo is full, our hands are full, and our hearts are full of love."  Then I attended a Bible-based weight loss group where we were asked, "Are you grabbing for things with your plams turned down, or are you waiting for God's blessings with your palms turned up?" The idea comes from Matthew 6:25-34, where Scripture talks about how the pagans run after things and God's children trust Him for them.  From then on I tried to remember to keep my palms turned up so God could fill them with blessing. Are your handsful of blessing? Here are some things I deal with from day to day as a busy stay at home mom - some things I'm learning along the way - and some things I'm happy to share with all of you who also have your handsful!

I was never a Math Genius!

Picture a holiday weekend. My son's pump is acting ineffieciently and he's going to be swimming all day so I take him off his pump. His blood sugar is high at the moment so I have to calculate how much insulin he will need to bring it down using a correction value of 1 unit per hundred. Then I have to calculate  how much insulin he will need for his lunch and a snack at 3pm. Based on the number of carbohydrates in the food and using an insulin to carbohydrate ratio of 1 unit for every 15 carbs, I proceed to give him a shot containing the combined amount of insulin from each ofthe above equations. Whew!  I am happy to report that on the day in question, my son came down within range and was able to eat as he wished at the BBQ pool party, but I never dreamed this calculating would be part of my life or that I'd be up to the challenge!

I still want to be the Dancing Queen!

When I saw "Mamma Mia" and the scene where all the old housewives ditched their chores and went running through the town singing and dancing, I got tears in my eyes. "That's me," I cried, "I want to be the 'Dancing Queen' still  feeling like I'm seventeen." A couple of years ago at Women's Retreat I was introduced to a great Wii game called "Just Dance". We had so much fun with it that I went out and bought it the very next day. Now my kids and I have a blast except for the fact that (for once) here is a game where Mom almost always wins! And though most of our dance is around the house in our socks, I still love it every now and then when my honey takes me out for a night of dancin'!

Here at myhandsful...

We hope to bring encouragement to moms and especially those who are caregivers to people with health issues - to bring them messages of Love and Hope from the God who made us, knows us, and has given us our calling...

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