Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Called-out-of and Called-to

In-class journaling assignment: What is something that you have been called out of and something you have been called to?

God has called me out of being a statistic. First of all as a child from a broken home, I am not broken. I have few of the predicted neuroses and a healthy outlook based solely on the fact that God is and has always been my father --  figuratively and literally.
Second, as a parent of children with special needs I have a compassionate, caring household that does NOT resemble the predicted statistical fall-out. This is because before we were a diabetic household we were God's household and He continues to carry us and go with us.

This leads me to the Called-to: God has called us to rear our three children so that they can stand as faithful followers in the next generation. He has called us to be caregivers to them and keep them well. He has called us to teach them His ways and all the other things they'll need to know to move out and on to their own calling.


  1. Love the way you write Traci, and love what you are inclined to say! Such great insight!

  2. You are not just saying this, but this is true, you DO this. I have seen your children and "heard" of your children...and what I see glorifies the Lord. This is one of those questions we need to ask ourselves everyday when we arise, Lord, call me out today when I stray, and call me to serve you and reflect you today." the Thompson family is right on! I love the music and the side bar pics. Sorry for the long comment...

  3. Thank you my first commenters! Love, Love to you.

  4. Love your blog, the music is great and I love the design, thanks for joining mine and I too joined yours. Jut love your message, e-mail me when you have your next post. Give my best to your husband. GB