Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pushing On

As we finished up testing for this year I got my mind spinning on what we would use for next year. Thankfully our group had a used book sale and I was able to get everything we need for next year and even a couple of things for the next! It is so encouraging that we had to spend so little when we have had a setback again in our finances. God is so faithful in blessing us as we do this journey. After starting our first year as someone who was less comfortable with the Literature-based curriculum, I am finding that it is much better suited to my children for their varied learning styles. So we will be doing more of it next year and using less of the consumables, which in turn will bring more savings as a side benefit. I have received so much encouragement and counsel from other home-school moms. One even gave me more ideas for my youngest on how to get her interested in words and letters. She is ravenous for books, but will have nothing to do with the alphabet. I got several ideas to come at it in different ways and keep her enthusiastic and willing. I am so excited for what our second year of homeschooling will bring, but as I shared with a friend yesterday at the park, I keep forgeting about what we have to finish up this year. So we are pushing on to the end and looking forward to summer and next year!

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