Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Notes on Ephesians

I was reminded in our Bible Study of Eph. 5 that marriage is meant to be a witness of Christ and His relationship to the Church. We delved a little bit into the different theological views regarding "headship", but whatever your take on it, Paul says he is really talking about the church.

I was being real honest and said that I am most grieved by my own failings when I can tell that they have had an adverse effect on how my marriage and our home are reflecting the "glory of Christ".

My lovely "picker uppers", (those women in my life who speak encouragement into my life, especially when I get too down on myself) have pointed out that our imperfections help others relate to us more and feel that they, too can carry on this Christian walk. So I vacillate between being glad that my transparency and honesty can make others more inclined to want to follow Jesus and feeling bad because I have presented a marred picture to the world.

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