Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Help in the Most Interesting Places!

I was reading more in a book on thankfulness this morning and went in search of the verse that says God inhabits the praise of His people. (Ps. 22:3KJV) Online I found a comment by a woman whose screen name was "trainedbyhorses" I thought I had seen that somewhere before so I clicked on the link to her site. To my surprise, it was a chronicle of her journey through letting God have control of her eating - not where I thought I was going to go, today, but...

She talked about how she had heart issues that made her feel rebellious in her approach to food. I found I could relate to this. I have known for a long time that I ate when and what I wanted because I was fed up with trying to manage everyone else's food to the minutest detail. I also knew that this was an excuse. She talked about clinging to her "rights" to eat whatever whenever, but confessed that if we are surrendered to God then we don't really have "rights" to anything. Hmmm.

The other thing we had in common was that she has a son with special needs and that this led to some of her heart issues which in turn led to the long-term eating issues.

Even more, she is a home school mom, and a writer - God is in the links -  - I commented to Heidi that I had not even begun this day thinking I was going on a journey with God regarding my weight, but He knew better.

Just this past week I had been informed that I had an enlarged liver and better start making some changes, or else. I was willing, (almost) and had been considering what tack I was going to take, exercise, dieting, what-have-you and then up pops this blog that is about Doing it God's way. which is really just letting Him have His way instead of stubbornly sticking to mine. So here I go. I am so very thankful...oh, and that 's where it all started today, isn't it?

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