Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eleven Loving Commandments

When I was wandering around the Christian School where we did our testing this past year, I found this notice posted on the wall. I'm not sure if the Teacher penned it herself or if she found it elsewhere. I humbly say that it did not originate with me, but I found it insightful and special...
                             11 Loving Commandments for Children

1. Love Jesus the most in the whole wide world. He loves you very much.
2. Trust Jesus because He will take care of you all the time.
3. Do not use the name of Jesus in a bad way. Talk about Him with loving words.
4. Learn about Jesus because He said He will give you peace and joy in your life.
5. Love your mother and father. They are a gift from God. Always listen and obey them; then God will reward you.
6. Never hurt anyone. Be kind to everyone.
7. God's plan is that a man and a woman get married and love each other.
8. Do not steal. It is wrong to take things that do not belong to you.
9. You must not lie. Always tell the truth no matter what.
10. Thank God for all you have. This will stop you from wanting the things your friends have. Be pleased with what God has given you.
11. Jesus told us that we must love one another. This is how everyone will see that you love Jesus.

It is put so plainly for sharing with young children and yet the new perspective helps us look again at our own lives as well.

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