Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Visit to the ER

In mid-December, 2009, we found that Kaycee was suffering from another stomach virus. She was vomiting through the night and would be o.k. during the day but unwilling to eat. Then at night we would try really hard to get food in her and she would throw it up shortly after going to bed. Luckily she was taking a small amount of fluids so she wasn't dehydrated. What was a mystery to us was the level of her blood sugars. As a rule each morning when we check her blood glucose, we hold off giving her insulin if her number is less than 70. What was happening over these few days was that we would check and she was anywhere between 40 and 70 so we would not administer any insulin. We would try to get her to eat with very limited success and check her at mealtimes. Still the same low range. Day followed day and I realized she had gone 3 whole days on no insulin at all without ever getting above a BG of 90.

Mid-way through this set of events, my husband, Doug came down with the virus as well. I said, "I guess you will be O.K. without eating because you are on pump therapy, but you'll want to do what you can to keep hydrated." He tried, he really did, but every time he had a drink, however small he would lose it from one end or the other. As a result we got up on Friday and had to drive him to the emergency room to receive fluids through IV. While we were there checking him in, I struggled to decide whether to put Kaycee in as well. In the end they were able to give him something to stop the vomiting and 3 bags of fluids so that he could return home.

We were both still so concerned about Kaycee. Although I had decided she was not in need of IV's for hydration and she was a perky little person when she was awake, she still would be dangerously low at bedtime and refusing to eat anything. Finally I chose to give her a half dose of glucagon and that worked the first night to get her up above 100. We had never used that form of emergency treatment before, and Doug was really uncomfortable with it because in all his 31 years of having diabetes he has never had to use it. Afterwards our pediatrician applauded our efforts in keeping our heads and giving Kaycee what she needed to get out of the hypoglycemia and said that many parents would have been calling 911 and going to emergency out of fear in such an extreme situation. This time Kaycee was spared the ordeal of a hospital visit and being poked with an IV and everything that entails even though Doug was not.

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